4 Rules of Poker Etiquette

Poker is an interesting casino game. The card game is played all around the world, but many rules of etiquette are similar in almost all poker rooms. Here are some of the important poker etiquette rules you should be aware of:

1. Act in Turn

It is important to note that the game of poker proceeds in a clockwise manner, and every player has to wait for their turn. Playing out of turn shows a disregard for the rules of the game and it shows disrespect for the player who was supposed to play.

2. Play Faster

Waiting for too long for a player to make their move can be very tiresome, and it can easily make the game boring. Tables with experienced players usually feature faster gameplay. Whether you are playing in a physical casino or in an online casino, you should consider making quick moves in order to maintain the energy and flow of the game.

3. Tipping Etiquette

Depending on your location, you should consider giving a tip to the dealer. In many American casinos, you would be expected to give the dealer a tip when you win an average-sized pot. In many parts of Europe, you would not necessarily be expected to tip. However, if you wish to give the dealer a tip, make sure it is not more than 5% of your total win.

4. Slowrolling

Slowrolling is often considered an obnoxious way of displaying pride. In poker, slowrolling refers to the act of taking too long to call or turn over your cards with a strong hand. Slowrolling usually happens at Shutdown. Many players use this method to give other opponents a false hope that they may eventually win the game. Slowrolling is such a serious offense that it may get you banned from the casino.


If you are just learning how to play poker, you should use services to learn more about the game. Otherwise, you are likely to break some common poker rules, and you may even end up losing a lot of money.